• We are so glad that we hired Tri Luu films to create a highlight video of our wedding. Tri has a creative knack for creating a truly cinematic product, that, in the words of one of my guests, made our wedding look like a preview for a romantic comedy (in a good way!). What he created captured the exuberance, fun, and love of our event which made more than one viewer cry (many of which weren't even at the wedding!). My husband and I weren't going to get a videographer because we found that they were all prohibitively expensive. Fortunately, our florist/wedding stylist sent us Tri Luu's price list, and we couldn't believe how reasonably priced their services were compared to all other videographers I had researched. We checked out their portfolio, were happy with the product, and quickly snapped them up the very same day. In sum, fantastic deal and fabulous/gorgeous work product. You simply can't go wrong with hiring Tri Luu for your wedding.

    Valentina & Görkem, May 2013
  • Having a videographer was one of the best choices we made for our wedding. A friend of ours had recommended us Tri. He was one of the last vendors we booked in a short amount of time and we’re so fortunate we were able to snag him up. Given the amount of time we had to plan, we met once prior to the big day and communicated mostly through emails. He was so easy to talk to and was very helpful in helping us choose the right package for us. Tri is flexible and such a sweet guy. Working with him was such a breeze. He’s prompt with responding to emails, friendly, carries a very professional yet personable demeanor. On the day of our wedding Tri gave me one simple advice, “remember to smile.” Tri definitely delivered more than he promised and we couldn't be happier with the outcome. The video captured every special moment. Our family and friends really enjoyed it. We realize that having a motion picture captures so much more than what photography can do. The video quality is like a movie trailer, it’s pretty awesome. It’s an investment that’s worth it and we look forward to sharing it with our future kids.

    Dara & Sam, October 2012
  • Tri is amazing to work with. Throughout the entire wedding day, my husband and I never felt uncomfortable with him following us around or being in our faces at times. Tri's personality and demeanor made us both feel as though he was just another friend hanging out with us on our wedding day versus another unmemorable vendor. A plus side is how well he worked with our photographer. Hiring Tri was one of the smartest decisions my husband and I made. He created an amazing feature video that we absolutely love and received great remarks from friends and family. The video Tri created captured everything from the silliness and laughter of the bridal party to the important wedding events and even moments our guests had that we would not otherwise have known took place. Family and friends have had wonderful things to say about the feature and it is one video I look forward to watching again in the future. After our wedding, Tri was kind enough to ask us for songs to be used in the feature video and we could not think of anything. The songs Tri chose for the feature was perfect, ties in well with the footage and we could not have asked for anything better. Tri interviewed our bridal party before the ceremony and was able to create a quick same-day clip for the reception. His hard work did not go unnoticed and we are truly grateful for his dedication and commitment to turn the same-day footage around so quickly within a very limited time frame. My husband and I strongly recommend Tri Luu Films and are very thankful we were able to work with such a talented and professional person whose dedication to his passion definitely comes across in his work.

    Norm & Kelli, October 2012
  • We're so glad we hired Tri to be our videographer for our wedding. He really captured all our important memories and he was a pleasure to work with. Tri adds artistic elements to your day which really make the day very beautiful when re-watching year to year. The video was so beautiful and touching. Tri and his team really captured our character as a couple and family and translated that into the video. He included all the best moments of the day and selected beautiful music to coincide. We love the shots in the morning, tea ceremony, church and especially the reception with the dance and surprise song by my best friend and brother. Wouldn't have it any other way! Those two people really mean a lot to us so Tri decided to add that on his own without any requests and what a great way to add that at the end. I have so many good things to say about the video as I watched it over and over: I really love the music choice. I'm glad you made the decision for us. The songs fits much better than the list I gave him. Tri made the movie and memories very sentimental for us. Tri is highly professional and I would recommend him to all my friends. Thanks!

    Daniel & Nancy, July 2012
  • When asked what is the most important thing I would spend any amount on, I responded..photography. I wanted to make sure I captured the entire wedding day in the style and passion I had hoped for. Now looking back, I’m so glad that we decided to also include videography. At first, videography was not in our budget, but after talking to a close friend whom recently got married and seeing several wedding videos being posted on Facebook, I just had to have it. A video tells more of a story that a photograph can’t. It also brings back the memories of your vows and emotions, the live actions of major events (first dance, father/daughter, mother/son, cake cutting etc.), and more. We are so THANKFUL that we had the opportunity to work with Tri. Not only was he our videographer, he was also the salesman at Shane Co. who sold my engagement ring to my husband. Little did we know that he was also in the videography business until he filmed my best friend’s sister’s wedding. He’s a talented individual and will work with you to capture your dreams. He communicates with you to understand your vision as well as providing his own input and suggestions. He’s quick to his feet and you don’t even realize he was there at your wedding filming. During the reception, Tri surprised us with a Same Day Edit video after our slideshow. I almost came to tears just watching the morning portion happen all over again. It was like a blink of an eye with everything happening so fast that day. Three months after the wedding, I was able to watch our 15 minute Featured Film and relive the moment again. He did such an amazing job editing the video and adding songs to compliment the moment. I enjoyed sharing our video with our friends and family, and I can’t wait to show them to our children and hopefully grand children one day. If asked again, what is the most important thing one should spend the money on, I would highly suggest videography and definitely Tri and his team. I know I will definitely be using him again...maternity shoot when the time comes.

    Alex & Nida, June 2012

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